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9.30 am — 10.00 am

Spot Regis­tra­ti­on

Pro­cess which is done after com­ple­ti­on of admis­si­ons. In spot regis­tra­ti­on wai­t­ing list can­di­da­tes have to sign in their rela­vant depart­ment if the­re are any seats avail­ab­le or any stu­dent lea­ve the seat,

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10.00 am — 11.00 am

Gathe­ring All Participants

Τhe ambi­ti­on and visi­on of the event wit­hin the frame­work of the ISABEL pro­ject was intro­du­ced by Dimi­tri Vedel. Fol­lowing, a pro­duc­ti­ve brain­stor­ming with all par­ti­ci­pants dis­cus­sing rele­vant topics.

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11.00 am — 11.30 am

Allo­ca­te The Places

A con­fe­rence is a gathe­ring of peop­le with a com­mon inte­rest or back­ground, with the pur­po­ses of allowing them to meet one ano­t­her and to learn about and dis­cuss issu­es, ide­as and work that focus on a topic.

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11.30 am — 11.45 am

Spea­kers Allocation

No con­fe­rence or event can be mana­ged in the same way. Suc­cess­ful event plan­ners set up an orga­ni­zing com­mit­tee, and dele­ga­te respon­si­bi­li­ty. This gui­de­li­ne can can be adap­ted to your own event management.

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12.00 am — 2.00 pm

Begin The Event

Pre­pa­re a docu­ment that shows your board or con­ven­ti­on team your plan the con­ven­ti­on. Inclu­de your under­stan­ding of the organization’s goals and how you plan to meet tho­se objectives.

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3.00 pm — 4.00 pm


An event app can host a num­ber of com­ple­te sur­veys, that you could encou­ra­ge atten­de­es to com­ple­te at the end of each ses­si­on, examp­le. But an event app can also be used to send a push-notification.

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Event Venues

Faena Hotel Miami

$ 123.00

Fae­na Hotel Miami

3201 Col­lins Ave­nue, Miami Beach, FL 33140 U.S.A.

Sonnenalp Hotel

$ 99.00

Son­nen­alp Hotel

20 Vail Road, Vail, CO 81657

Hôtel Plaza Athénée

$ 175.00

Hôtel Pla­za Athénée 

37 East 64th Street at Madi­son Ave­nue, , Ny

The Biltmore Hotel

$ 150.00

The Bilt­mo­re Hotel

1200 Ana­sta­sia Ave­nue, Coral Gab­les, FL 33134 U.S.A.

Nobu Hotel Chicago

$ 200.00

Nobu Hotel Chicago

854 West Ran­dolph North Peo­ria West Loop, IL

The Kahala Hotel & Resort

$ 88.00

The Kaha­la Hotel & Resort

5000 Kaha­la Ave­nue, Honolulu